Daiwa Ninja Reel Review

Daiwa Ninja Reel Review

Build Quality

9.5 /10


9.0 /10


9.0 /10


  • Very strong build quality like most Daiwa products
  • Attractive color scheme
  • Very smooth when reeling in
  • The price is very reasonable


  • Can damage if banged or dropped

Daiwa Ninja Reel Review

Daiwa Ninja Reel Review

The Daiwa Ninja is a personal favorite of mine as it’s the first proper spinning reel I ever had, therefore here is my Daiwa Ninja Reel Review. The exact model I have is the Daiwa Ninja 2500 which is one of the smaller reels in the Ninja range. There are many different sizes of Ninja reels which can be suited to almost every situation you intend to fish making them an ideal product for most. So, let’s not waste any time, here is the Daiwa Ninja Reel Review.



Daiwa Ninja Reel Review

The first point we should mention is about Daiwa, if you’re familiar with fishing then you know the brand Daiwa and the level quality of their products. This is no exception with the Ninja Reels.  When I first took the Ninja 2500 out of the box the build quality was far better than any other spinning reel I had used previously. The reel was very light to hold yet extremely robust and strong, perfect for most fishing scenarios. It features a graphite body which results in a very light but solid reel.

Fishing Scenarios

As mentioned before this reel was my first proper spinning reel. However, saying this I use it for a lot of different styles of fishing, for example, lure, feeder and even a bit of carp stalking. It an overall quality reel for a decent price, you can’t reel beat it. In the box you get a spare spool which you can use for a completely different style of fishing, on your main spool you could have some floating line and on the other, you could have some strong braid for a spot of lure fishing.

Daiwa Ninja Reel Components

Daiwa Ninja Reel Review

The Daiwa Ninja is incredibly smooth when reeling in, this is down to the 4BB and infinite anti-reverse. The reel itself is front drag orientated which works very well with braid. The combination of the 4BB, anti-reverse and the front drag makes the reel smooth as previously mentioned. This results in a very enjoyable fight when playing a fishing. Below is a list of features the Daiwa Ninja Reel offers…

  • Graphite body
  • Air Rotor
  • Twistbuster
  • Infinite Anti Reverse
  • I and T-shape handle knob
  • Spare Spool


Daiwa Ninja Reel Review

As you can see from pictures throughout this article the Daiwa Ninja has a very attractive look which is down to chrome, black and red paintwork. This reel can be matched up with most rods on the market. However, with the design and colors used it would only be right to match it with the Daiwa Ninja Rods range. All have been listed below.

Pro’s for the Daiwa Ninja Reel

So, looking at the pros of the Daiwa Ninja reels we firstly mention how well built these reels are. You wouldn’t expect any different from the company Daiwa. Daiwa has been around for over 50 years creating unbeatable products so they know exactly what they’re doing. The color scheme for the Ninja series is also very appealing giving it a very professional and attractive look.  The reel is very smooth due to the 4BB and anti-reverse making it a pleasure to use.

Con’s for the Daiwa Ninja Reel

Like most products, the Daiwa Ninja Reels do have a few cons. My best friend also has a Daiwa Ninja 2500 reel. He doesn’t know how it happened but when reeling it the bail arm somehow catches on the top of the spool when it’s fully extended. This was most likely down to him dropping, banging or keeping it unprotected in his tackle bag. So, my tip would be to try not to drop it and keep it protected. Like most products if you drop them there’s a chance for it to break, so don’t drop it.


Overall the Daiwa Ninja Reels are an outstanding product fit for most anglers. The built quality is superb as you’d expect from such a known brand such as Daiwa. The price of the Daiwa Ninja Reels can’t be beaten are there aren’t many other alternatives on the market that could be put in the same bracket as these reels. Whether you’re wanting a light setup or a heavier one there are many different size options to choose from. This is also the case with the different varieties of Daiwa Ninja Rods on the market. If you’re looking for a quality reel which is very well priced, look no further than the Daiwa Ninja Reels.

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This concludes the Daiwa Ninja Reel Review, we hope you enjoyed this read 🙂

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