Deeper Pro Plus Review

Deeper Pro Plus Review

Value for money

9.0 /10

How easy to use

8.0 /10

How accurate

8.0 /10


  • Very lightweight and portable
  • GPS Installed
  • Lakebook compatible
  • The app has a lot of different features


  • Can lose wireless connection at long ranges
  • No CHIRP sonar

Angling Aid’s Deeper Pro Plus Review

Deeper Pro Plus Review: The Deeper Pro Plus has been granted numerous awards ever since it came into the market and this has been a life-changing experience for any angler. With new days come new technology and this wireless fish finder is quite the device. Below is a detailed Deeper Pro Plus review, if you’re an angler, I’d suggest you read till the end to find out everything about the Deeper Pro Plus, what are the features of this device and what makes it so great?  


Deeper Pro Plus Review

We live in a world where EVERYTHING is literally dependent on the internet. The Deeper Pro Plus has a strong Wi-Fi connection with a range of up to 100m or 330 ft. Not so bad for a tiny device, hey? This comes in handy as you could just sit either on your boat or on the bank and let this fish finder do some of the work for you. Its main purpose is to help you find fish and overall assisting in catching more. If you’re not the best at finding the fish in the first place the Deeper Pro Plus can change that.  The device sends readings to your smartphone, which is used as a display. Since it has in-built Wi-Fi, internet signal is not necessary for it to work as long you have the Deeper app which is free to download.  


Deeper Pro Plus Review

The fish finder has two beam options, that is, the narrow and wide beams. If you’d like to cover a larger area then you could use the 55-degree angle. This will broaden the area the Deeper Pro Plus covers overall finding you more fish to catch. However, since it would be covering a larger area it wouldn’t be as accurate as a smaller angle. The narrow beam is a 15-degree angle and is the recommended choice if you would like a more accurate result.


The Deeper Pro Plus has a frequency of up to 15 scans per second. Quite impressive you may think. This high frequency will enable you to detect even the fast-moving fish and therefore target them accurately. This is very useful as fish are constantly moving and you want to make sure you’re fishing the correct spots. The 15 scans per second definitely helps with ensuring you’re fishing the correct places.  

The high rate of scanning also enables to see the nature of the underwater terrain, rocks and pits in which the fish are hiding, the vegetation and finally the water temperature. Finding out what the lake, river or sea bed is like ensure extra confidence in where the fish may be.  


Deeper Pro Plus Review

The device comes with an inbuilt GPS which creates depth maps of rivers, lakes or whatever water body you’re fishing in. The best thing about this is that your phone battery won’t be drained as a result of constantly having the GPS on when fishing. If you often go to the same fishing spot (which is a common thing for almost all of us), you could compile your fishing charts with Lakebook and this will be advantageous to you as you will know the best spot that fish often lurk at specific times.  


Deeper Pro Plus Review

The Deeper app is free to download and offers lots of functions such as connection to your device, switching to night mode and saving your bathymetric maps. Having a rough idea about your maps will enable you to master the specific locations in which most fish are often present.


The Wi-Fi range of the device is limited to 100m. This means that it will be difficult to detect the presence of fish beyond the 100m mark. Annoying I know but it most cases you’ll be constantly moving anyway so you’ll rarely have to use the Deeper Pro Plus at ranges of 100m or more.

The device also lacks CHIRP sonar and does not have chart plotting.   


This Deeper Pro Plus review goes to show just how amazing this fish finder is to anglers all over the world. Its portability and wireless nature have definitely made the device a game changer in the world of fishing. Not only has mapping been made easier due to the inbuilt GPS, you also get to see underneath the waters! It also has great optional extras such as a smartphone mount, a cover for night fishing, a smartphone case for winter and a flexible arm. All these have been brought about just so you can have a pleasant fishing experience. This device is suitable for every style of fishing, it can easily be purchased online.

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This concludes the Deeper Pro Plus Review, we hope you found what you were looking for. 

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