Nash Titan TC Review

Nash Titan TC Review


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  • Innovative Glass Filled upgraded Nylon Block Design - for weight reduction, improved rigidity, and quicker erection
  • New frame design which attains a flat back and results in increased usable space inside
  • Front ribs that extend former peaks for extra coverage and protection
  • Rigid freestanding design without the need for tension straps
  • Rain gutter thanks to the storm peaks to prevent water ingress
  • Internal hanging hook
  • Twin Fish Rod Retaining Straps – for retaining your fishing rods
  • Letterbox and mesh infill door configuration – For safe sheltering during the worst of weather and aeration during hot and sticky summer nights
  • Side windows and door panels of the Titan TC bivvy roll back to reveal see-through storm windows


  • The Nash Titan TC is a single skin shelter

Nash Titan TC Review

Nash Titan TC Review

Nash Titan TC Review: After an iconic development period, 2017 saw the relaunch of the Nash Titan TC. It combines rapid setup with the unique flat back design for more usable space. Furthermore, the strength of the renowned center boss and rigid frame offers extra protection on a windy day. The restyled Titan has grown to become one of the fastest selling Bivvy of all time. It offers shelter to suit any venue, angling style or season. The lightweight Nash Titan TC is arguably the most versatile of all the Titan Models, featuring all the restyled Titan features. It’s regarded as one of the strongest and sturdiest shelters on the market, withstanding the test of time and some serious weather, as well as being quick and easy to set up.

With that said, here is the Nash Titan TC Review for utter comprehension of its features and capabilities.


Innovative Glass Filled Upgraded Nylon Block Design

Nash Titan TC Review

The Titan TC bivvy features the brand new Innovative Glass Filled Upgraded Nylon Block Design. This is the central boss system which plays role in holding all the ribs of the Titan TC in place, whilst additionally giving the Titan its iconic quick setup capabilities. Furthermore, the new upgraded design not only puts less strain on the ribs by reducing weight but it also significantly reduces the toll on transportation weight. This makes it a mobile angler’s dream come true when moving swims.

New Frame Design

Nash Titan TC Review

The Titan TC bivvy also greatly benefits from the new improved frame design. This design maximizes the internal space of the bivvy, by creating a flat back. This allows you to push your bedchair as far in the bivvy as you like. Thus, with your bedchair leveled against the rear of your bivvy more space out front is created for the storage of all your essential tackle. Additionally, the new and improved frame design allows for the incorporation of extended front ribs, providing you with a storm peak.

Titan TC Storm Peak

Nash Titan TC Review

The Titan TC Storm peak thanks to the new and improved frame design. It’s an ideal addition for the year-round carp angler who refuses to let extreme climates or weather conditions ruin their carp angling. In colder or rainy months, the storm peak prevents rain incursion. This ensures that it is reduced to an absolute minimum and prevents water entry through the door of the Titan TC bivvy. Additionally, the rain gutter on the peak also plays role in preventing water ingress, ensuring that all water runoff is directed down to the sides of the bivvy. This results in no annoying drips or splashbacks from the front of your peak. Furthermore, in summer months, the peak plays role in providing additional shade. This ensures that you shelter out of the scorching sun, whilst watching over your carp rods.

Rigid freestanding design and Portability

Nash Titan TC Review

The Nash Titan TC astounds and greatly benefits from its rigid, freestanding design, which removes the need for using tension straps. This means that you don’t have to worry or be concerned about tensioning up your bivvy whilst in a rush on the bank, allowing for maximum time angling. Furthermore, not only is the Titan TC bivvy quick to erect, its compact design also packs down to a mere 47 inches. This means that it can be easily carried or pushed on a barrow. Additionally, the bivvy also comes supplied with its own dedicated carry bag, meaning you don’t need to worry about purchasing additional storage.


Although the Nash Titan TC is a single skin shelter, its amazing 420D PU Coated upgraded Nylon Block Construction ensures that you are not going to be experiencing cold spells any time soon. This construction is almost double the denier of standard nylon shelters, ensuring that the Titan TC bivvy boasts of an impressive hydrostatic rating. Water simply runs down from it, making it the ideal portable weather shelter companion. Furthermore, the front panel of the shelter can be detached and fitted with a letterbox style door.  This means that you can rest easy in the shelter of your bivvy in the very worst of weather. Additionally, the door also provides you with the option of a mesh infill. This serves as an ideal solution for those hot and sticky summer nights.


Designed as one of the superlight Titan models made for carpers seeking enhanced mobility. The Titan TC is made to offer the legendary Titan tensile strength, protection, and portability whilst traveling. Stripped out, the Titan TC compact design breaks down to just 47 inches. The bivvy weighs in at a featherweight 9.5 Kilos further allowing for its easy carry thanks to its included carry bag. The TC indeed is designed for the serious big fish angler, with an all-season versatility and durable lightweight construction. The Titan TC is an angler’s dream come true, providing all the tensile strength, rigidity. Furthermore, providing protection throughout all of the weather conditions whilst on the move.

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This concludes the Nash Titan TC Review. We hope you found everything you’re looking for about the Titan TC. Be sure to check out our other carp fishing posts. Click here to go to the homepage


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