Fox Royale Classic Bivvy Review

Fox Royale Classic Bivvy Review


7.5 /10


7.0 /10


8.5 /10


  • Made from breathable, resilient, and hardwearing nylon fabric – that is versatile and reliable across all weather conditions
  • Swift and stress-free to erect
  • Strong and firm support bars
  • Rod Straps – Designed for reining in and retaining fishing rods
  • Porch Area – the bivvy features an ample porch area designed for providing extra protection from weather conditions
  • Mozzy Mesh panels – designed for aeration during hot nights, protection against bad weather, and preventing annoying bugs and insects from entry at night.
  • Can be used as an open shelter
  • Heavy duty groundsheet pitchable on any terrain and essential in providing dry storage
  • Easy to carry or transport


  • Bulky when packed down

Fox Royale Classic Bivvy Review

Fox Royale Classic Bivvy Review: Over the past few years, the Fox design team has set the standards in bivvy feature packed homes production. With their unique insight and design being revolutionary no less. The Royale Classic is an ace. Launched in 2012, Fox’s Royale shelter is an angler’s delight based on the very popular warrior hood shelter. Iconic in design, the Royale Classic represents the best pram-hood entry level shelter released into the market. This two-rib pram-hood shelter comes with startling luxurious features. This includes the resilient, breathable polyester fabric, a large porch thanks to the pram-hood design. The pram-hood provides extra protection from all weather conditions, as well as tension straps available on the sides, and full frame support. Amongst many other astounding features all ushering in a paradigm shift and ensuring you get full value for your money.

With that said, here is the Fox Royale Classic Bivvy Review for a comprehensive understanding of its full features and capabilities  



Fox Royale Classic Bivvy Review

Astounding in design, the Royale Classic has been revolutionized to replace Fox’s initial Royale shelter. That said,  the bivvy features all the excellent attributes from its predecessor. However, it offers brand new iconic additions that bring the bivvy up to date for the contemporary carp angler. The pram hood structure on the Royale Classic ensures that the bivvy is swift and stress-free to erect. Therefore, wasting no time that should be amply spent in angling. This makes it the perfect shelter for novice and experienced anglers, seeking to get full swing with their ample carp fishing sessions.   

Storm Peak 

Fox Royale Classic Bivvy Review

The Royale Classic pram hood structure incorporates marvelously designed storm peaks well integrated into the shelter. This new design not only gives accommodation from the hot weather but also make available ample roofing from rainfall. Whether in a nasty storm or unending heavy rain pour, the storm peak directs rain flow. It allows the water to trickle down the bivvy, preventing splash or water entry from the front landing. Furthermore, eliminates water pooling on the entrance area. Additionally, this storm peak allows for tranquility in the shelter with the entrance open or rather with the mozzy mesh panels exposed, but without the worrying risk of any rain incursion.

First Experience With The Fox Royale Classic Bivvy

The first night this bivvy was used we genuinely experienced one of the worst storms I’ve ever seen. I was on a quick overnight session with 2 friends with 2 of us having Fox Royale Classics. Out of nowhere thunder and lighting started to take over the sky. We reeled in our rods and sat in our bivvies waiting for the storm to pass. However, it took a turn for the worse bring torential rain. In addition, it brought hail the size of boilies which was incredibly scary and didn’t expect the bivvy to withstand it. However, The bivvy took it like a champ keeping me completely safe and dry. 

Mozzy Mesh Panels

Fox Royale Classic Bivvy Review 

As mentioned above, the Royale Classic has excellent Mozzy Mesh panels found at the front of the bivvy. These panels all available in shades of solid green or camo depending on what one you get.  They help in or rain, strong winds, or at night. Furthermore, the panels are designed to enhance aeration allowing for air flow across the shelter on those bizarre hot nights. In addition, the panels can serve a purpose in ensuring that you don’t spend your quality time in the evening battling away annoying bugs and flies. The bivvy also comes supplied with tension bars, heavy duty pegs, and full frame support. These are incorporated to provide exceptional resistance against high blowing winds. Furthermore, the hardwearing nylon cover of the bivvy is designed to offer exceptional resilient resistance towards rain, making it an ideal companion to own across all weather conditions.

Innovative Door System 

Fox’s Royale Classic shelter features the icon barn door like tow way design allowing for use in a letterbox style. The door panel of the bivvy is made from vibrant PVC, with an option of solid green or camo. The entrance is totally roll-able turning the adaptable bivvy to an open-faced shelter. Additionally, the Royale Classic Shelter ships inclusive of a heavy-duty groundsheet that can be used on any terrain without worry of causing any harm to the interior of your bivvy. All together giving a dry storage space for your gear and luggage, which is perfect especially after heavy rains.  

Easy to Transport 

The Royale Classic is easily portable thanks to its manufacturer included carry bag that comes with the bivvy. This bag is designed in an oversized manner, thus removing the worry of having to roll the bivvy to certain precision for transportation. Additionally, it also specs more ample room allowing for storage of extra pegs, should need to arise.


Like most products, the Fox Royale Classic Bivvy has a few floors. If you don’t correctly pack it down after use the next time you decide to go for an overnight session you’ll be faced with twisted poles. This ends up being a huge hassle as you have to keep twisting and pulling them back into place to join the poles. So my tip is to properly pack the bivvy down after use to save time and effort for the next time you go fishing. 


Fox’s Royale shelter is an outstanding bivvy designed with interest of anglers at heart. As such the shelter is intricately made to serve a purpose as a perfect all-around shelter for the contemporary angler. And although the revamped and outstanding bivvy is featured at an entry-level price, its performance, effectiveness, and reliability prove more essential than just for the novice level angler.

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